Besides research and development services for companies BIT GmbH also produces and distributes own high-end-products, such as:

  • Diwa (Drag measurement in water tank): Innovative measuring method for the precise determination of the aerodynamic resistance of rail vehicles on a model scale in water channels. Development and sales by BIT GmbH. details

  • Leviball ©: Our experimental setup, designed for teaching, demonstrates magnetic levitation through a small iron ball floating in space. Further information can be found in the flyer or here

  • Miniature keel and 3-hole probes for pressure-based speed measurement in harsh environments (e.g. compressors), developed and produced due to customer requirements. Development and sales by BIT GmbH.

  • Specialized tufts for visulization and quantitative analysis of the near wall flow on big objects (e.g. wind turbines, road vehicles) with SmartViz (developed by Smart Blade)

  • Mobile, cost-effective wind tunnel for educational purposes for the visualization of air currents. Development and sales by BIT GmbH in cooperation with SmartBlade GmbH.