Selection of competences, services and technical equipment:

  • Diagnostics of power engineering equipment and systems
  • Condition assessment by means of partial discharge measurement with different voltage types
  • Evaluation of functional materials and innovative insulation systems
  • Evaluation of the remaining service life of plastic-insulated hybrid cable sections
  • Resource development for high voltage DC transmission
  • Optimization of test setups in high-voltage systems
  • Loss reduction on high voltage cables


  • Planning and execution of test programs for partial discharge measurement
  • Troubleshoot and damage assessment of 110kV cables
  • Testing of high voltage capacitors
  • Multispectral measurement of partial discharge on high voltage machines
  • Simulation of energy cable systems
  • Loss factor measurements on medium voltage cables and fittings
  • Investigations on the aging behavior of medium voltage cable fittings
  • Testing of cables including integrated sets on TE-freedom (based on the IEC)
  • Equipment diagnostics for high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission
  • and much more...