Through our activities, we have established a network of highly qualified and experienced scientists, with whom technologically demanding projects can be realized.

We provide our project partners - both in the field of science and business - with comprehensive services from a single source in the planning, preparation, execution and follow-up of research & development projects.

In particular, we help SMEs overcome the obstacles with higher education institutions. We identify suitable research partners and manage the whole R&D process. This way we provide easy cross-institutional access to the competences of the universities and as well to the universities of applied sciences in Berlin.

We set up a team that works for a limited period of time as a R&D group for the contracting company. Thus, small industrial projects (among esp. entry-level projects), the processing of which has so far hardly been worthwhile, runs smoothly.

We also facilitate the processing of major projects, e.g. design and construction of test and experimental facilities, and of larger, multi-year research projects. We are using a pool of experts from the Berlin universities (scientists, doctoral students, design engineers, technicians, programmers, student employees) and involve them into common project planning with the industry.